Radiation Therapy In Siliguri

Radiation Therapy In Siliguri For Cancer

Cancer may be an old disorder, but the ways of dealing with it has increased exponentially over the years. With each year, researchers are working towards making new advancements towards cancer treatments. One of the most advanced and new sort of treatment is the radiation therapy.

Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment, where the medication utilizes high end x ray beams to offer a pain free cure towards dealing with cancer. At Hope and Heal, we offer the best solutions for radiation therapy in Siliguri. Under a set of the best doctors, we offer the best solutions for your cancer ailments with the help of the finest radiation therapy.

Radiation Therapy In Siliguri

What Is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation treatment (likewise called radiotherapy) is a cancer therapy that utilizes high portions of radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. At low portions, radiation is utilized in x-beams to see inside your body, likewise with x-rays of your teeth or broken bones. With the help of the best radiation therapy in Siliguri, we offer the best radiation therapy solutions.

How Does Radiation Therapy?

At high dosages, radiation treatment kills cancer cells or slows their development by harming their DNA. Cancer cells whose DNA is harmed beyond repair stop separating or bites the dust. At the point when the harmed cells pass on, they are separated and taken out by the body.

Radiation Therapy In Siliguri

Radiation treatment doesn't kill disease cells immediately. It requires days or long stretches of therapy before DNA is harmed enough for cancer cells to pass on. Then, at that point, cancer cells continue keep dying for weeks or months after radiation treatment closes.

Types Of Radiation Therapy

External Beam Radiation Therapy

External Beam Radiation Therapy comes from a machine that points radiation at your cancer. The machine is huge and might be loud. It doesn't contact you, yet can move around you, sending radiation to a piece of your body from numerous points.

Internal Radiation Therapy

Internal Radiation Therapy with a strong source is called brachytherapy. In this sort of therapy, seeds, strips, or cases that contain a radiation source are set in your body, in or close to the cancer. Like External Beam Radiation Therapy, brachytherapy is a local therapy and treats just a particular piece of your body.

The Need For Radiation Therapy

  • As the main (essential) therapy for cancer
  • Prior to medical procedure, to shrink a destructive cancer (neoadjuvant treatment)
  • After medical procedure, to stop the development of any excess malignant growth cells (adjuvant treatment)
  • In blend with different therapies, like chemotherapy, to obliterate disease cells
  • In cutting edge disease to ease side effects brought about by the cancer
The Need For Radiation Therapy

Best Radiation Therapy In North Bengal For Your Cancer

Your cancer is no joke. Not only does it have a hold over your life but also has a very bad impact over your health and your loved ones. Your cancer can stop you from doing activities you loved once and make your life very miserable. That is why with the best Radiation Therapy In North Bengal, you can have a chance to fight your cancer.

Radiation therapy is one of the finest alternatives for you if you are looking for a pain free and easy way of managing your pain. And with our advanced machineries and best doctors we tend to deliver you the best care at the right time. Your health just got the best edge with radiation therapy.

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