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A highly experienced group of doctors at the Department of Radiation Oncology in Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital and Research Center uses radiation therapies to treat cancers. Radiation therapy at high doses can effectively kill cancer cells or decrease their growth rate by damaging the DNAs of those cells. The damaged cells gradually die, are broken down, and are finally removed by your body. But, radiation therapy does not do all this right away. It takes days or weeks (in some cases months) to complete the treatment procedure.

Types of Radiation Therapy

Modern radiation therapy treatments are of two types - external beam radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy. External beam radiation therapy comes from a machine that moves around you, sending radiation from several directions to the cancer-affected part of your body. It is a local treatment, which means external beam radiation therapy treats a specific part of your body.

On the other hand, internal radiation therapy puts a source of radiation (solid or liquid) inside your body. Such therapy with a solid source is known as brachytherapy. It involves placing seeds, ribbons, or capsules with a radiation source in or near the tumor inside your body. Similar to external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy is also a local treatment that treats a particular part of your body.

Why Choose Us for Radiation Oncology?

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital and Research Center aims to serve patient-centric, ultra-modern radiotherapy services for the treatment of various cancer patients. Our hospital is well-equipped with a wide spectrum of traditional and high-end Radiation Oncology services and techniques such as IGRT, IMRT, SRS, SRT, VMAT, Brachytherapy, etc. All these services are known for their experienced, high-quality, multidisciplinary, and compassionate care. Personalized treatment plans offered by our senior radiation oncologists consider the patient’s age, health, types of cancers, and ability to bear its potential side effects.

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