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The Department of Surgical Oncology at Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital and Research Center deals with the utilizations of surgical procedures to treat almost all known forms of cancer. Conventionally, the surgical method has been regarded as the first way of treating cancer. The treatment methods of Surgical Oncology include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, various targeted drug therapies, and more.

This department at our hospital offers highly experienced doctors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals. They are dedicated for ensuring positive treatment procedures and ultimate well-being for each of our patients.

Surgical Oncology: How the Procedure Works?

Undoubtedly surgery may not necessarily be theonly available treatment option for cancer, but it is typically applied for themost common forms of cancer. Your oncologist would have to consider a number ofsteps for surgical methods, along with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Itgenerally includes:

  • Diagnosis of cancer through a biopsy
  • Surgical removal of the tumor, along with someaffected body parts (if any)
  • Reconstructive strategy for that affected bodyparts

Various Approaches of Surgical Oncology

Individual surgical techniques used in cancer treatments include:

  • Invasive Surgeries: this technique consists of a large incision that helps to carry out the surgery.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgeries: this procedure comprises small incisions such as robotic and laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Ablative Surgeries: this kind of method is used to destroy cancer cells in conjunction with surgery.

Various techniques used as a part of Surgical Oncology at Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital and Research Centermight include Cryosurgery, Electrosurgery, Natural Orifice Surgery, Nano Knife, Laser Surgery, etc.

Why Choose Us for Surgical Oncology?

A Surgical Oncologist at Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital and Research Center ensures that each of our patients is mentally and physically prepared for surgery. The oncologist explains the steps of your surgical procedure and how it helps you find an effective solution for cancer. The team of doctors and healthcare staff are trained to manage primary and secondary cancers. Surgical oncologists at our hospital have enormous knowledge of cancer biology, imaging techniques, radiation therapy, etc. They are committed to ensuring the safest surgical removal of tumors at the sites of occurrence. A highly experienced team of experts relentlessly works to ensure remarkable multidisciplinary care.

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