Hospital Rules & Regulations

Our staff at the admission desk will help the patient to check in after completing the admission formalities and let you or your patient know about the hospital rules.

The hospital will provide the food to the patient as per the recommendation of your doctor/dietician. Food from outside or at home will not be allowed in the hospital.

Medicines and other consumable items for the patient (during the time of treatment) will be provided by the hospital following your doctor's recommendations.

The hospital will provide dress and slippers to the patients during their stay, and you have to return those to the hospital authority at time of discharge.

Our staff will guide you about the general rules of the hospital and will inform you of other important things such as visiting hours, dietary rules, surgeries, and treatment procedures. Further, it will be recommendable to make an advance payment at the time of admission against a receipt from the cash section.

The patients and their families or close ones are requested to refrain from keeping valuable items such as cash, jewelry, credit card, cell phone, etc., or keep them in own responsibility during their stay. The hospital authority will not be liable for any kind of loss of such items.

The hospital authority will not allow flowers and outside eatable items in-patient wards.

Any kind of photography is strictly prohibited inside the hospital premises.

Foreigners are requested to submit all their ID Proofs and details, including their passport in the time of admission.

The Hospital premises are a tobacco-free zone; consuming tobacco products in any form is strictly prohibited.