Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital & Research Center Building

A New Beginning, Towards Hope & Healing

Fully Comprehensive Cancer Hospital with World Class Facilities

Hope & Heal Cancer Hospital and Research Center - the brand new cancer care institute in Siliguri, started its journey to establish comprehensive, trustworthy, and affordable cancer care in North Bengal and Sikkim. Backed by a team of highly experienced Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Neuro, Hemato, Paediatric & Gynae Oncologists, nurses, and other medical professionals, our hospital become the largest cancer care organization in Northeast India.

This spanking cancer institute started its journey as a long cherished dream of Dr. Spatarshi Ghosh, who relentlessly works on achieving one single thought - bringing unity in cancer care. We focus on making cancer treatment affordable to each patient to fulfill his dream. Hope & Heal introduces Halcyon Elite - Linear Accelerator, the fastest Radiotherapy Machine in the Northeast. It offers several ultra-modern cancer diagnostic units - GE 3 Ring PET-CT, CT Scan, MRI, Brachytherapy Machine, Modular OT, and more.

Our Mission

Our main focus is to clear the treatment gap between quality cancer treatment and affordability to avail it to every patient.

Our Vision

We aim to serve every corner of society, making cancer treatment affordable. We bring a completely separate building for the privileged patients. Hope & Heal believes in one single motto - No One Should Deprived of Cancer Treatment.

Our Values

We work on making cancer treatment accessible for all group of society, considering their physical, emotional, social & spiritual welfare.

Why Choose Hope & Heal?

Experienced Professionals

At Hope & Heal, you can explore a multi-professional group of highly-skilled and knowledgeable doctors dedicated to securing the highest possible healthcare..

The Right Treatment

At Hope & Heal, you can explore a protective environment, ensuring quality treatment using state-of-the-art apparatus, ultra-modern labs, and avant-garde treatment modalities.

Your Are Our Priority

We provide a holistic environment of cancer care committed to maximizing positive treatment outcomes with a keen eye on patient comfort.

Advanced & Innovative

A resourceful school of healthcare professionals who continuously strive to improve our services with an innovative attitude to offer better treatment.