What You Need To Know About Halcyon Radiation Therapy System

What You Need To Know About Halcyon Radiation Therapy System


Cancer is when cells in the body develop and multiply uncontrollably or abnormally and damage and destroy body cells. Without medical care and proper disease management, malignant or cancerous tumors can travel up to other regions of the body, medically known as metastasis.

Medical diagnosis and treatment for cancer have come a long way. Halcyon radiation therapy is an advanced cancer therapy in radiation oncology that produces high-end 3D conformal, image-guided radiotherapy, and intensity-modulated radiation therapy. For optimum cancer treatment in North Bengal, connect with a reputed cancer hospital in the region that boasts leading oncologists and the latest medical apparatus.

What is a halcyon radiation therapy system?

Halcyon radiation therapy is a kind of external beam radiation therapy/ ERBT, and dual-layer multi-leaf collimator (MLC)which is designed to deliver highly targeted medical care for cancer. This technology works faster than typical technology, reducing time in image acquisition. It looks after safety, comfort, and precision.

This external beam radiation type minimizes the time with promising speed optimization, which takes about less than 15 seconds to acquire images and the treatment can be conducted in around 2 minutes. In soft tissue monitoring, it works with better efficacy. Receive dedicated cancer treatment in North Bengal at the most trusted cancer hospital in the area.

This clinical technique aims to treat many types of cancer, such as cancer of the prostate, uterus, breasts, lungs, brain, head, and neck. Halcyon radiation therapy delivers intensity-modulated radiation/IMRT, image-guided, stereotactic body radiation therapy/SBRT. It also provides stereotactic radiosurgery, a three-dimensional coordinate system, a kind of therapeutic radiation that aims to target cancer, and abnormalities in the brain, spine, etc.

What about the procedure?

Halcyon radiation therapy system with the assistance of quick imaging, tumors are visualized and targeted. It captures detailed two-dimensional, and three-dimensional images. These images are generally captured within 15 seconds and give your cancer specialist precise insights into the shape, location, and size of the tumor.

The system features a wide bore (100 cm), an intercom system, promising speed optimization taking a few minutes, brushless motors, an integrated camera, ambient lighting, enclosed imaging, etc. For halcyon radiation therapy in North Bengal, reach out to the top cancer hospital in the area.

Since it ensures fast imaging and treatment, you need less time to be on the table. Because the beam-rotating gantry is enclosed, the linear accelerator moving or rotating around the body will not bother patients.

Per session might take around 2 minutes. Once your medical expert gets a proper understanding of the tumor, your doctor will map out your treatment plan. Halcyon radiation therapy system allows your doctor to administer the right amounts of doses of radiation and angles from which the malignant tumors should be targeted.


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