8 Common Myths About Lung Cancer Debunked

8 Common Myths About Lung Cancer Debunked

As per data, the risk of developing lung cancer in men is about 1 in 16 and women is about 1 in 17. When tobacco smoking is the leading cause of cancer here, there are many risk factors for lung cancer. This reading exclusively talks about myths circulating about lung cancer. You can speak to the best lung cancer specialist in Siliguri for all-inclusive medical care. 

Let’s explain those myths and truth:

1.  Myth: Only Smokers Have the Risk of Lung Cancer
Fact: We can’t deny that tobacco smoking makes people more likely to develop lung cancer. Cigarette smokers have around 80-90% chance of lung cancer. Plus, a family history of tobacco (cigarette) smoking causing lung cancer can put you at an increased risk for smokers. 
But the statement is wrong. Non-smokers also get lung cancer, and their exposure to secondhand smoke and radon gas increases their risk.

2.  Myth: It’s too late to quit smoking
Fact: Quitting smoking is of utmost importance. Due to a lack of realization or dependence on smoking people fail to quit tobacco smoking. The risk of diseases, health complications, and lung cancer is reduced when you avoid smoking.
There’s no safe amount of exposure. Hence, do not think it’s too late. Consider talking to a pulmonologist or general physician to get help with smoking cessation treatment. 

3.  Myth: Lung Cancer is a Death Sentence
Fact: Lung cancer death can result from infections, pulmonary hemorrhage, tumor burden, complications of metastatic condition, etc. Thankfully, medical advancements/ clinical trials improve survival rates. Early detection and accurate lung cancer therapy increase the survival rate. Visit your lung cancer specialist in Siliguri to get personalized treatment.

4.  Myth: Lung Cancer Only Affects the Elderly
Fact: Lung cancer can affect older adults as well as younger people. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures can contribute to lung cancer development regardless of age. 

5.  Myth: There is Only One Type of Lung Cancer
Fact: Lung cancer is of two main types -  non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which is common in 85% of cases, and small cell lung cancer (SCLC), which is a less common and aggressive form of lung cancer. Receive advanced lung cancer treatment in Siliguri North Bengal. 

6.  Myth: Living in a Polluted City Will Cause Lung Cancer
Fact: Air pollution is definitely a risk factor for lung diseases. However, not everyone with exposure to polluted air will develop lung cancer. Here, its risk is higher in people with prolonged exposure to polluted air. The contributing factors are smoking or a family history of the disease. 

7.  Myth: Low-Tar Cigarettes Are Safer
Fact: How your body will react to a certain thing can differ. Many studies state that menthol in cigarettes may be dangerous, which increases initiation and dependence. It makes cigarette smoking more appealing in young adults, releasing addictive effects in the brain. 

8.  Myth: Antioxidant Supplements Protect Your Lungs from Cancer
Fact: Taking antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from supplements without medical approval may affect your well-being. Many data show a risk of lung problems among smokers with antioxidant supplements. 

Try not to take supplements on your own. Ask your doctor, get recommended tests done, and receive expert advice on medication, diet, and lifestyle. It is always best to get all these nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

Raising awareness is of great importance so that people get the right information. Lifestyle improvements and medical care can keep the risks of lung cancer at bay. Consult your health expert to better understand the facts. 

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