Cancer Treatment At An Oncology Centre

Cancer Treatment At An Oncology Centre


Cancer is a disease that has been affecting millions of people in the world, and it has been spreading like an epidemic, leading to being a significant cause of death in several nations all across the globe. India has recently seen a rise in cancer cases in the recent years and. There has been a multitude of causes that have contributed to the same.


Residents of North Bengal suffering from cancer can get admitted to an oncology centre in Siliguri for the best possible treatment. There are oncologists with years of experience working here who are here to diagnose patients and suggest the best possible treatment methods for them.


Cancer in its early stages may happen definitely due to genetic factors. Inherited cancer is very common due to a family history of cancer. Certain genetic disorders have also been shown to cause cancer in individuals. The secondary factors include lifestyle issues such as obesity, and tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Cancer Treatment

Overconsumption of red meat has been shown to be the proven cause of cancer. Therefore having a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and. Taking a good quantity of water regularly to remove toxins from the body is essential too.


Practising unsafe sex can cause viral infections in the body, especially HIV, AIDS and the present virus. The attack of human papillomavirus in almost every individual can make them prone to risks for cancer. Vaccines are available for human papillomavirus, which every sexually active individual must take. Safe sex must be always practised. Both male and female condoms are available to function as a protective layer for the human body.


Cancer in certain cases is also caused due to excessive exposure to radiation or ultraviolet light. Many people who want to get their skin tanned may spend much time in sunlight - while it nourishes your body with Vitamin D, overexposure to sunlight has also been one of the causal agents of cancer.


Environmental exposure to certain toxic pesticides and fertilizers has also been shown to be the primary cause of cancer in infants and children. These may cause cancers in adults too, in certain cases.

Cancer Treatment

The medical professionals working at the oncology centre in West Bengal are here to help you and your near and dear ones with any issues regarding your health. Cancer as a disease is something that is scary to many. However, it is good to note that having cancer is not the end of the world, especially when detected in its early stages. Cancer is treatable to the fullest and an individual has the scope to get back to their regular life and day-to-day activities post-recovery.


It is also good to note that there have been different modes of treatment that have worked so far, and medical researchers are working day and night to discover new and better modes of cancer treatment. Medicine has come a long way and it sure has a long way to go.

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