5 Significant Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

5 Significant Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer


Like there are factors increasing the likelihood of diseases, there are preventive ways. This blog helps you identify some steps you can take to reduce the risk of breast cancer. If you notice any changes in your breasts, like a lump or hard mass, changes in the breast size, dimpling, peeling, scaling, or flaking of the areola, see a healthcare provider.

For breast cancer chemotherapy in North Bengal, visit the most trusted oncologist in the region. Early diagnosis of symptoms tends to provide better healing. In order to detect a malignant tumorous growth in your breasts, a doctor performs a breast examination, breast ultrasound, breast X-ray, biopsy of the breast, et al.

Read on to know five ways to prevent breast cancer:

#1 Check Your Body Weight

It’s no secret that obesity is a culprit for many diseases and is itself a health concern. If you’re overweight, opt for optimal weight loss. Consult your doctor, do moderate exercise, walk, eat a balanced diet, and focus on your fiber intake so that you can keep your body weight in a good state. If your body weight is ideal, try to sustain it.

#2 Ensure Physical Activity

A sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity manifests many health concerns, like pain, stiffness, hormonal imbalance, sleep changes, digestive issues, cholesterol build-up. On the other hand, being physically active (moderate workouts/walking) reduces such risks, and also it lowers the risk of breast cancer in women.

#3 Don’t Smoke

Tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of diseases worldwide. Here, cancer is one. No safe limit suggested that tobacco smoking might not impair your health. First, limit your tobacco consumption so that quitting becomes easier. If you cannot quit smoking dependence on your own, it’s high time you should have consulted a doctor.

#4 Breastfeed

If possible, breastfeed. Many studies have pinpointed that breastfeeding reduces the risks of developing pre-menstrual and postmenstrual breast cancer. Breastfeeding for one year or more than six months provides further benefits. For chemotherapy in North Bengal, talk to the leading cancer specialist in the region.

#5 Eat Wholesome Foods

Foods that increase the risk of cancer and other health diseases include fried foods, processed meats, sugar, refined carbohydrates, packaged snacks, frozen meals, fast food, sugary cereals, canned tomatoes, alcohol, artificial colour containing foods, foods with hydrogenated oils, farmed salmon, soda, etc.

To lower the risk of breast cancer through food choices, embrace – whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, rye, barley, dark leafy greens, lots of fruits, citrus foods, berries, beans, spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, cruciferous veggies, fatty fish like salmon, sardines, etc. Make sure not to overeat anything. And avoid foods as per individual choice.

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