What Increases The Risk Of Breast Cancer

What Increases The Risk Of Breast Cancer


Why individuals develop breast cancer is not clear yet. Various factors may contribute to its possibilities, as per medical researchers. It’s a disease in which cells in your breast develop uncontrollably and build up, forming a lump. Metastasize can occur marked by cancerous cells reaching other sites in the body by metastasis.

Malignant growths tend to start in cells of the milk-producing ducts. However, it can begin in the glandular tissue as well. Pain felt in your breast may not happen due to malignant formation. If you spot a lump in your breast, underarm, or near the collarbone, consult your doctor. For cancer treatment inNorth Bengal, contact the leading oncologist in Siliguri.

This blog shares some risk factors for breast cancer. Here’re what:

  • Dense breasts include more connective tissues (glandular tissues and fibrous tissues) as compared to fatty tissues. Hence, it may increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Gene mutation of BRCA1 and BARC2 can make one more likely to develop breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Family history of breast cancer in first-degree relatives (mother, sister) is a potential risk factor here. But there’re several patients with breast cancer who have no such family history.
  • A personal history of breast cancer may increase the likelihood of recurrence. It might occur a second time; therefore, maintain follow-up checkups and look after your lifestyle choices.
  • Alcohol consumption increases estrogen levels in the body, decreases folate levels, causes oxidative stress, damages DNA, and accelerates the risk of obesity.
  • Obesity can be a contributing factor for breast cancer as fatty issues lead to too much estrogen levels. Higher amounts of estrogen in your body are associated with the risk of breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer.

Other risk factors can be exposed to radiation therapy to the chest region at an early/young age, early age period (the period before 12), postmenstrual hormone therapy, increasing age, being female, et al. Make sure you consult your healthcare provider if you experience any changes in your breast region. Avail of cancer treatment in North Bengal from the leading oncologist.

Breast pain may have causes like fatty acid imbalance, breast surgery, wearing an unsupportive bra, trauma to the chest wall, breastfeeding, medication side effects, breast infection, breast cyst, excessive use of caffeine. Wise to receive medical supervision so that you can prevent any health risks and heal your discomfort optimally.

Do not take any preventive meds without medical consultation. Go for the clinical diagnostic procedures if advised by your doctor. Common tests for breast cancer include a breast examination, ultrasound, MRI, mammogram, bone scan, CT scan, biopsy, PET scan, et al. Get expert advice today.

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