Types Of Biopsy To Identify Cancer

Types Of Biopsy To Identify Cancer


A biopsy is a clinical procedure to determine the presence of cancerous cells. Not all lesions, lumps, or tumours are malignant. But consulting a doctor is a must in this regard. Doctors, after a physical examination, may recommend a biopsy. However, this procedure also rules out other conditions, such as inflammatory disorders.

This test is performed to see whether you’re a match for an organ transplant. For immune disorders, doctors may advise this test. This blog tells you some types of this procedure. For a biopsy test in Siliguri, North Bengal, connect with the leading oncologist in town. Read on to learn further.

The following are some classifications of biopsy procedure:

  • Needle biopsy uses a special needle to collect tissue through your skin. Doctors take out the tissue on a suspicious area. A fine-needle biopsy uses a syringe to draw out cells and fluid. A core needle biopsy is sued to draw out relatively larger tissue samples. Image-guided biopsy uses needle biopsy assisted by CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound.
  • Endoscopic biopsy uses an endoscope/laparoscope to examine the inside of the body. An endoscope is a fine, flexible tube holding a camera on its tip and a cutting device to take out a tissue sample. Medical experts insert this fine tube through the mouth, rectum, or small incision based on whatever is best for the situation.
  • Bone marrow biopsy your doctor may suggest if the blood test reports suspect cancerous growth. Bone marrow is a soft, spongy substance inside the large bones producing blood cells. A biopsy helps the doctor identify what causes blood abnormalities in your body. It involves removing a small amount of bone marrow.
  • Skin biopsy is a clinical procedure to remove skin samples from your body. The three main kinds of skin biopsy involve – shave biopsy, punch biopsy, and excisional biopsy. During a shave biopsy, the expert uses a sharp tool similar to a double-edged razor to shave a lesion.

A punch biopsy uses a small, hollow, circular tool to take out a small section of the deeper layer of the skin and may be used for skin cancer, cervical cancer, or vulvar cancer. In an excisional biopsy, the entire suspected tissue is removed. It’s a surgical procedure. Therefore, you may need stitches to close the cut or incision.

  • A surgical biopsy recommended by your doctor involves a cut through which the suspicious lump is taken out. In case, other biopsy procedures seem unsuitable for your condition, doctors go for a surgical biopsy. The objective is to take out the entire tumour or tissue.

Reach out to your healthcare provider to get quality treatment for disease healing. Know that a biopsy advised by your doctor doesn’t mean one has malignant growth in his body for sure. Get tests done as soon as possible so as to receive medical care early on.

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