Risk Factors & Prevention For Kidney Cancer

Risk Factors & Prevention For Kidney Cancer


When cells in the kidneys grow out of control, they form tumorous growth. DNA cells go through mutations, leading to cancer. However, much remains unidentified about the exact reason for kidney cancer. Sometimes, tumors can spread to distant regions of the body.

At first, you might not notice signs. But if you notice signs like persistent pain in your lower back, unintended weight loss, unexplained tiredness, or blood in urine, be sure to seek medical attention. These signs also indicate other kidney or urinary tract problems. Consult the leading cancer specialist at the best oncology centre in Siliguri.

As kidney cancer becomes advanced, symptoms become noticeable, such as flank pain, high blood pressure, presence of blood in your pee, weight loss, low-grade fever, high calcium, anemia, bone pain, a mass in your kidney, tiredness. Diagnosis is key to healing. Based on the type of condition you’ve had, doctors provide you with treatment.

Renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of kidney cancer, refers to malignant growth in the lining of tubules in the kidney. Typically, it affects one kidney. But your both kidneys can get affected by it. Transitional cell cancer of the kidney is a rare type of kidney cancer, involving symptoms like persistent back pain, urinating more often, fatigue, bloody urine, painful urination, weight loss.

There’re several risk factors for kidney cancer, but the exact reason for this condition is still unknown. Factors that put you at risk of kidney cancer involve:

  • Smoking is a common risk factor for all diseases. And kidney cancer is no exception to that. Tobacco smoking for years can cause genetic mutation, of cells and inflammation of the kidneys. It affects the blood vessels of the kidneys, which worsens blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure is a potential risk factor for renal cell cancer/RCC. Uncontrolled hypertension damages the blood vessels of the kidneys, making them narrow and harden.
  • Obesity appears to be a well-established risk factor for kidney cancer (RCC). Excessive body fat increases the risk here but further studies are of need to understand how exactly obesity does so. Researchers suspect that visceral fat can cause inflammation which contributes to cancer.

This disease includes other contributing factors, such as family history, long-term dialysis, Von Hippel-Lindau disease, tuberous sclerosis, et al. Reach out to the leading oncology centre in Siliguri and get extensive guidance on cancer treatment.

In order to look after your well-being, follow a few things, such as – healthy eating, quitting alcohol/ caffeinated beverages, workouts, maintaining body weight optimally, and regulating your high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. Medical care revolves around surgery, radiation therapy, ablation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc. Talk to your specialist.

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