Possible Signs Of Brain Tumor

Possible Signs Of Brain Tumor


Tumours that develop in your brain can be cancerous or benign. A brain tumor is a mass of cells accumulated in your brain due to abnormal cell division. It impacts brain functions. Increasing growth puts pressure on the surrounding nerves, tissues, and blood vessels.

Small tumours or when they’re initially tiny may not cause signs. Symptoms also depend on the location and type. As per studies, there exist more than 150 types of brain tumours. This medical condition can develop at any age. Consult a cancer specialist at the best oncology centre in Siliguri.

Glioblastoma appears to be the most serious of all brain tumours. This aggressive kind of cancer takes place in the brain or spinal cord. Older adults have a greater risk of developing glioblastoma, involving signs like headaches, especially in the morning, nausea, confusion, seizures, drowsiness, incoherent speech, blurry vision, changes in the ability to smell, hear or see, loss of balance, etc.

Chordoma refers to a slow-growing and rare type of tumour that can develop anywhere within the base of the skull or spine. If chordoma is at the base of the skull, signs can be – double vision, facial pain or numbing sensation, blurry vision, headaches, et al. In case, the chordoma develops in your tailbone, you may get signs like pain in the tailbone, problems with bladder and bowel movements, the presence of a lump, and so forth.

Gangliocytoma and pineocytoma are benign brain tumors and grow progressively. These conditions can involve signs like headaches, balance issues, nausea, vomiting, walking problems, memory issues, sleep disturbances, confusion, coordination problems. Get medical supervision on noticing such signs. Developing these signs doesn’t indicate the individual has brain tumors certainly.

Astrocytoma begins in the astrocytes that support nerve cells and is the most common kind of glioma. Such a tumor can grow in the brain or spinal cord. If it grows in the brain, you may notice signs like headaches, seizures, nausea, etc. Symptoms like headaches, changes in behavior, nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, seizures, memory loss, visual disturbances, fatigue, cognitive issues are nothing to overlook. Receive A1 cancer diagnosis at the top oncology centre in Siliguri.

Ependymoma takes place in the ependymal cells that form in the brain or spinal cord. Young children are at a greater risk of this type of malignant brain tumor. It may cause weakness, seizures, headaches, balance problems, blurry vision, confusion, irritability, stiffness felt in the back or neck, weakness of arms, and legs, etc. Talk to your healthcare provider if undergo such discomforts or suspect a cancerous growth.

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