Knowing The General Risk Factors For Cancer

Knowing The General Risk Factors For Cancer


Every disease includes more or fewer risk factors. So does cancer. It’s a disease in which some cells grow uncontrollably and travel up to other regions of the body. Several factors may contribute to malignant tumorous development. Changes in DNA in cells, known as gene mutation, lead healthy cells to abnormal growth.

Such gene mutations can occur after birth, or someone may be born with it. When risk factors exist, people with no risk factors also have cancer. Consult one of the best oncologists for cancer treatment in Siliguri. Read on and get insights into the topic.

Let’s discuss risk factors for malignant tumour growths:


Cancer tends to develop progressively and is more common in older adults. Maybe due to the weakening of the immune system. With advanced age, cells get damaged. Your body can fix this damage but, in many cases, it doesn’t. From what you eat, if you smoke, to exposure to certain chemicals might double the risk of getting cancer. Age over 65 or 70 is most prominent in this regard. Moreover, people of any age, even children, can get this disease.


Whether you chew it or smoke it, tobacco consumption is one of the most significant risk factors for cancer. Because of its easy availability, the rate of tobacco consumption is hard to control. Chemicals in tobacco when you smoke, enter yourbloodstreamm that can account for DNA damage in cells. Even long-term exposure to secondhand smoke increases the likelihood of cancer.

When you smoke, you put people around you – friends, kids, co-workers, and others – develop the same risk. Get expert assistance in order to quit it. There’s no ideal limit that tobacco smoking fails to affect your well-being. We often link lung cancer to tobacco smoking. It may bring about cancer of the bladder, esophagus, blood, liver, mouth and throat, stomach, pancreas, colon and rectum, cervix, voice box, kidney, etc.

Family History

Family history is a potential contributing factor to numerous diseases. And cancer is no exception here. The inherited gene mutation is one of the reasons here. Getting the same lifestyle and environmental exposure increase the chance of cancer. Visit one of the leading cancer hospitals in Siliguri. If you have such a family history, consult your doctor for preventive steps. Modifying lifestyle can safeguard well-being against complications.


Drinking alcohol can play havoc with health. Therefore, nothing can be so good as refraining from consumption. Ethanol in alcohol breaks down into acetaldehyde. This compound irritates the DNA in cells and, eventually, damages it. On the other hand, it impairs hormonal levels, such as the levels of estrogen and insulin. Impaired estrogen levels fail to direct cells to grow and divide.

Insulin impairment can lead to weight gain, hormonal disruption, or inflammation in your body. You must know that there exists no safe amount of alcohol. Health problems caused by alcohol consumption involve digestive problems, high blood pressure, liver disease, stroke, heart disease, cancer, immune system issues, learning and memory issues, and so forth. For cancertreatment in Siliguri, contact the best oncologist in town.

Food Choices & Cancer

The role of diet as a risk factor in cancer often gets overlooked. Did you know several researchers have established the link between food and the chances of cancer growth? If you rely on processed, canned, or highly refined foods in your day-to-day life, you’re unknowingly increasing the risk of cancer.

Foods that might put you at risk of cancer include processed meats, overcooked foods, sugar/refined carbohydrates, fried foods, red meat, canned foods, mass-produced bread, microwave popcorn hydrogenated oils, farmed salmon, etc. Incorporating wholesome foods into your diet plan can be of great help, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, nut milk. Plus, doing physical activity (moderate) helps absorb nutrients in your body optimally.

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